Monday, June 22, 2015

Secret (Han Yu Rang) Volume 5 Chapter 17

Secret (Han Yu Rang) Volume 5 Chapter 17 by Secret Room Scans

* Volume 1-4 were released by Rosa Negra

Thank you to for providing the raw for this <3
Translated & edited by Ze (me~)

You can download the file here :
Download it Here (MF) or HERE (Zippyshare)

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  1. I downloaded the chapter from the Mediafire link, but I try opening the ZIP file and it doesn't work

    1. That's odd. It works fine for me, but I've uploaded a new file to zippyshare. You should try to download that one :) Please tell me if it still doesn't work~

      Thank you. Ze.

    2. Still doesn't work. Some of the other MangaUpdates staff have also tried, but no dice. We won't approve the release on MU unless we can verify the release by actually seeing the scanlation for ourselves

  2. admin here from mangaupdates... i srsly don't know what/how you managed to rar that file up so badly but i finally got it to work out.

    works perfectly in cdisplay/7zip/rar/zip on 3 diff computers so i don't think you should have a problem with it now.

    1. I've confirmed that this file works. Ze, please update your post with the new link (and probably wanna create a new Mediafire link), then comment below and I'll approve the release on MangaUpdates

    2. I've uploaded the file to Mediafire and change all the links above.
      Thank you so much. Ze.

  3. I would like to thank you for picking up this project ^^
    I began to read it a month ago and got desperate as I really enjoyed the story and there were no release since 2012...
    so thank you~~