Q : Can I re-upload your project to xx site?
A : Yes, but please keep the credit page. If you're giving out download link (in your site), please give out the original download link.

Q : When will the next chapter of (title) comes out?
A : As soon as we're done :)

Q : Are you accepting joint?
A : No, we are not accepting joint at the moment. ^^

Q : Can I re-translate (title) to another language?
A : Yes, please send an email to secretroomscans@gmail.com. Only 1 group per language is allowed in 1 project.

Q : Can I join your group?
A : Yes! Please refer to the team page here. You can see the list on what position is available ^^

Q : Can you guys translate (title) manhwa?
A : Maybe~ Please refer to our future project here. But please remember that there's a high possibility we won't be doing the title because it depends on the staffs' interest.

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