Jay : Admin & QCer
       Anxo : Korean-English Translator

      JayYu : Korean-English Translator   

      Undertakess : Typesetter





== Retired ==

-Thank you for your hard work-

Ze : Founder, Korean translator, editor, QCer
AdamBR : Typesetter
Adlina : Typesetter
Aya-chan : Cleaner
haru-is-love : Proofreader
kiseki : Cleaner
Masaki : Cleaner  
MidnightDreamer : Proofreader
Silentnight : Cleaner
tronicx : Cleaner
xoxobae : Cleaner
Purin : Cleaner
Valdien : Admin, QCer
Valac : Cleaner
「 m o m o 。」: Typesetter
fovika : Proofreader

We're recruting! If you have time and you want to help us, please send an email with the following format to ^^

Nickname (will be use in credit,etc) :
Position you want :
Any experience? 

Available position :
1.) Korean-English Translator 
2.) Proofreader (closed)
3.) Cleaner 
4.) Typesetter 

[You need to be able to do 1 task per week]
[If you are unreachable for more than a month you'll be remove from the team list (_ _)]


  1. Hi everyone!!
    I'm Mauwa, admin of Tomodachi Fansub ^^
    I am delighted to work with you and Finger Scans in Boy of the Female Wolf :D
    If you need anything just say me
    A huge hug! :)

    1. Hello Mauwa, thank you.
      Looking forward to working with you and Finger Scans ^^~