Sunday, September 27, 2015

First release of Boy of the Female Wolf

Boy of the Female Wolf by Han Yu Rang 
Volume 13 Chapter 78
As you might know, Boy of the Female Wolf is originally scanlated by various groups and currently being scanlated by Finger Scans.
However, we have decided to join hands and together we are working on this title (from volume 13 to volume 17) together with Finger Scans and Tomodachi Fansub.

We are mostly working on the translation, while Tomodachi Fansub is doing the editing and Finger Scans is doing the last check and coordinating this huge joint between the 3 of us ^^

Hope you like this update, hopefully we'll be able to update Boy of the Female Wolf faster from now on ^^

Thank you to Kangta for providing the raw for this <3

The people who work behind this wonderful chapter are:
Translator : Ze (our lovely ex-founder)
Proofreader : Mai (Finger Scans)
Cleaner : Sweetname (Finger Scans)
Typesetter : Mauwa (Tomodachi Fansub)
QCer : Mai (Finger Scans)
Thank you everyone for your hard work ^^

Download & Read it ^^
Download Here (Mediafire)
Read it Here (batoto)

Thank you and happy reading everyone~
- Jay 

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