Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Another one~

Hello everyone,
as always, another chapter of Secret for you guys :)
Like I've said in the previous release, we need more people to work on Secret and Dog Life.
We need cleaner & typesetter for Secret.
We need proofreader, cleaner, and typesetter for Dog Life :)

And... We'll be having a 2 weeks release break of Secret (Boy of the Female Wolf will be release depending on the editing team, but for now, Boy of the Female Wolf won't take any break, so you can expect a chapter [or maybe more] every Sunday ^^).

We'll be back with more Secret (Volume 8) around 3 weeks (could be shorter or longer) from now :)
Hope you'll still wait for us and support us :D

You can read the last chapter of volume 7 below

Happy reading :)

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  1. Noooo t-t why a break with Secret? I'm really grateful for the work you've put in so far, but I'm also DYING to know what happens
    Why the releases are being held back when they look like they're done according to the project page?
    I have no experience with cleaning or typesetting, but I do have Photoshop and know how to use it. If I helped out, would the releases come out faster? >_<
    Thanks a lot for chapter 31 :D

    1. Hello :)

      You are welcome! Enjoy the chapter :)

      We always have a 1-2 weeks after every volume so the team can have some rest and they can work in the upcoming chapters not in a rush :)

      It'll be really helpful if you wish to be a cleaner/typesetter (or both xD), but it won't make the release faster since we'll still have 1-2 weeks break after every volume and we'll release a chapter weekly :)

      Thank you,

    2. Hi Jay, I'm new to scanlations so is it okay for me to try both to see how it's like? I think I would be able to dedicate the time to complete 1 task per week, but since I don't know how long it actually takes, I kind of want to try it out as a "trial member" first before I make the commitment. I get really busy at sporadic times because of due dates and exams, so I would feel really bad if I'm unable complete a task in time. Unless I develop a passionate hate for either cleaning or typesetting, I can probably do whichever job needs filling in :P

      Thanks! :)

    3. Hello :)

      Sure,just send us an e-mail and I'll give you some stuffs to try out :) You can decide later on whether you want to go for it or not :D

      We will usually give you more time to finish your task (so you don't actually need to finish one chapter every week) unless we are in a tight schedule and need to release the chapter in a week time. As you have known we have a few chapters ready to be release,so we don't really stick to the 1 chapter in a week thing for now :D

      Thank you,

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